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Please Note – The premise of all information contained on this page is based upon the rules and regulations set by the County of Rockland, State of New York. Each county has its own rules and regulations set regarding pistol applications, denials, suspensions, revocations, hearings, etc. which may impact the information below. However, we do provide pistol licensing

service throughout New York State


New York State has some of the most strict laws regarding pistol licensing. As a result, many prospective clients require assistance with pistol license applications, upgrade applications, application denials, license suspensions, license revocations, pistol hearings, etc. Our office took notice that many firms do not handle the above issues and found it extremely important to offer a place for gun owners to turn for help. We are proud to handle hundreds of these cases not only in Rockland County but throughout the State of New York. In addition, our office has assisted in establishing new local shooting ranges, is a part of the NRA Attorney Referral Program, and have formed connections with many local gun stores in our community. 


Types of Licenses


In the County of Rockland there are several types of pistol licenses one can apply for:


  1. Residence License – This is the most basic license one can apply for which allows for home defense only and cannot be taken out of the home.


  1. Sportsman / Residence License – This license allows for home defense and for the transportation of a licensed firearm to and from the shooting range or other sporting event such as hiking, camping, fishing, or hunting. 


  1. Possess on Premises License – This license allows for an individual who is not a resident of New York State but has his/her principal place of business in the State to have a licensed firearm at their place of business.


  1. Business Carry License – This license allows for an individual to carry their firearm in the course of their work. This license is usually recommended for business owners or employees who have the support of their employer to carry a licensed firearm in the course of their work. 


  1. Unrestricted Carry License – This license has the least restrictions and allows for an individual to carry a licensed firearm on their person at all times. However, certain areas within New York State are off limits (New York City, schools, etc.)




Services Our Team Offers


After contacting our firm, we will promptly schedule a free consultation for you to meet with our team. During this meeting we will identify what license you are seeking and your goals. Our firm will also ask several questions of you to gain a full picture as to you and your applications strengths / weaknesses. In the event that you have a criminal record, this does not necessarily bar you from applying for a pistol license. Depending on your criminal history we may want to first have you fingerprinted to get your full criminal history report and/or have you meet with experts to get a character evaluation. Judges / Licensing Officers often have a tremendous amount of discretion when approving / denying pistol applications. As such, we must establish that you exhibit good moral character. Supporting documentation is annexed to your application along with legal arguments, affidavits, business records, etc. Applications put forth through this office often contain hundreds of pages to address every angle with one goal: getting your application approved.  


Although our office has a tremendous amount of experience in this area, we cannot make any guarantees. Every Judge / Licensing Officer has their own rules regarding pistol licensing. In the event that you are denied, our office can still request a hearing if we strongly believe that the application should be approved. At a hearing we would have the opportunity to appear in court with you, provide supporting documentation, give oral arguments, and even have witnesses testify on your behalf. While it is not always necessary to have an attorney represent you, our office recommends it. Should your application be denied, the denial will remain on your record permanently. Any future applications will be impacted. Clients approach our office frequently to ensure they have the best chance of success. On the other hand, many clients also seek our assistance post denial, suspension, or revocation and we are still able to assess the best route forward to potentially overturn the denial or save the license. This of course depends entirely on the facts surrounding your particular case. 


If you are seeking assistance with a pistol application, upgrade, denial, hearing, suspension, revocation, etc. please feel welcome to contact our office. Consultations are always FREE and we maintain competitive pricing. Our firm truly stands by our mission statement “We Are Your Sword & Shield.” We look forward to fighting for you! 

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