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  • David Fried, Esq.

Servicing All of Your Needs!

Our firm has your back, and we WANT you to succeed! As a general practicing firm, we are able to service a wide range of clientele, each having specific needs or goals. Whether you require representation with a matter pertaining to criminal, civil, matrimonial, etc., our office will be able take the steering wheel and guide you in the most effective ways possible. 

Having a law firm which practices in only one area of law does not address the reality that daily life is unpredictable. You may require the services of a divorce attorney one day, a business attorney the next, or even a criminal defense attorney the other. Because we are a general practice, we are a one-stop-shop law firm. With us, you have the benefit of not having to shop around for a new attorney every time you have a different type of case. Most important, this allows for a more trustworthy and personable relationship to develop between you the client and our firm. As a result of our flexible business model, we are proud to be the choice of many families several times over throughout the years. Reviews from our wonderful family of clients speak for themselves! 

If you require assistance and are looking for a firm that truly has your interests at heart, do not hesitate to give our office a call. Consultations are always FREE and our fees are extremely competitive. It would be our pleasure to speak with you and find a course forward together to achieve your goals!

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