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"Your Sword and Shield refers to the arms of a dedicated troop of intellectual warriors -- the soldiers that fight to protect our client's interests with knowledge, skill, and innovation.

Together, our team represents broad and diverse work experience. Most important, we are people with hearts who have compassion for the challenges confronting our clients.

The common thread that unites our team is a strong desire to achieve the results our clients deserve."

David Fried, Esq. 

Managing Attorney 



"David Fried and his staff were impeccably professional and knowledgeable. They were patient and answered all of my questions, and I received prompt responses to all calls and emails. I also appreciate how well they explained the legal proceedings of my case to me. Thanks to their efforts, my case was resolved with a favorable outcome. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of service I've received and would absolutely recommend this firm. 

As a young entrepreneur starting my business, The Law Offices of David Fried didn't just treat me as a client, they treated me like family. Leading me step by step and finding the right solutions while constantly keeping me updated was more than I could ask for. Thank you for such an amazing year! 

Y. Chun 

F. Athis 

I am very impressed with this law firm's professionalism. From the first time I called, Adam answered all my questions and was really wanting to help get my dad's ticker resolved. He followed up with me every step of the way which was great and the end result was amazing. The attorney David got the ticket down from 6 points to Zero points!!! Thank you guys. 


They are very friendly and caring. They would keep you posted in your case all the time.

Communication was great! 

M. Philippe

Mr. Fried is fantastic! He is very knowledgeable and understanding. Never once did he try to rush me or cut me off, he was really patient and very considerate. He was really dedicated to helping me and did an amazing job! He has great connections as well! I would give him 100 stars if I could! 

D. Keller 

David and his team made what I thought to be impossible, possible. I highly recommend their services. Professional and stayed with me until my goal was met! 

Tommy T. 

I was very pleased with the service and attention that I received from David Fried and Adam Gonzalez. They worked hard and negotiated a very favorable settlement. Every call and email was answered very promptly. I highly recommend this firm. Thanks David and Adam! 

I received excellent advice and assistance from David Gorelick, Esq., an associate in the Law Offices of David Fried. His knowledge and experience helped me achieve the desired outcome. 

J. Burstein 

R. Matelski

I met with David for assistance in applying for a Business Carry Permit. My experience was exceptional. He took the time to make sure every step of the process was clearly explained and made me feel comfortable. My permit was granted as a result of his help. Thank you David! 

Z. Ennis 

We came to David with an eviction. He walked us through the process and kept us updated at every turn. He was able to remove our tenant in less time than expected and even worked with us to recover the back rent. David and his team are extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. Great experience all around! 

Great Service! Really amazing lawyer! 

M. A. DePaolo

Y. Gilbert 

Highly professional! David and his team will take care of everything you need and better yet they are straight with you... they will help you through everything and inform you of everything ahead of time. There is no guess work with them and they don't string you along. If they feel your chances are good or bad they will let you know right away and give you options.

N. Bogart 

Very professional, treated me with respect, answered all of my questions and in a timely fashion, explained all details every step of the way, 100% satisfied with their work! 


I could not be happier with my decision to acquire the services of The Law Offices of David Fried. They are exceptional group of professionals. Each step of the process was made clear and they communication was timely. Very satisfied! 

D. Hayn 

I went to David for help acquiring my unrestricted pistol permit. I am happy to say with the help of Adam Gonzalez, David Fried, and David Gorelick, I now have my unrestricted concealed carry permit. You guys are the best thank you very much!!!

K. J. Will 

David Fried and Adam Gonzalez represented me extremely well, demonstrating the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and confidence. I highly recommend their service.

D. Jacobsen 

The most amazing law firm I ever worked with! They are truly professional in every aspect of their work, and they took all the time necessary to make sure that everything was done correctly. I would highly recommend for anybody in need of a lawyer. 

Great Service and fast response.

David Fried did an exceptional job for me.

Avrom T.

Brought my speeding ticket to a zero point violation. Professional staff, good communication and did the job right. 

A. Etessami 

J. Levi 

Took 2 months to complete where the other firm had 8 months and nothing. 


The law firm's professionalism on top of their efforts as well as their efficiency has to be commended. I had an absolutely great and effortless experience with them. 

A. Kim 



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