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If you have received a traffic ticket, you are not alone.  Thousands of people receive traffic tickets every day.  However, this, we are sure, does not make you feel any better if you happen to be on the receiving end of a police officer's traffic summons.


While traffic ticket cases are very common, we understand that you, as our client, deserve our 100% personalized and focused attention.  To us, you are NOT just 1 of millions of traffic cases in the state.


Almost all traffic cases expose drivers to fines and state-mandated surcharges.  Some traffic charges, generally "moving violations," also expose motorists to points which could impact your insurance costs and expose you (now or in the future) to the suspension or revocation of your driver's license.  Our goal is to do our best to ensure that does not happen.  


Lawyers who understand the state's Vehicle and Traffic Law are familiar with the nuances of the law and the rights of motorists who may find themselves facing a judge.  We use these tools to the advantage of our clients.  If you receive a traffic summons, you will typically see a court date on the ticket.  This is an important date because failure to timely respond could cause your license to be suspended which will only make matters much worse.  It is therefore best to call us as quickly as possible following a traffic stop.  Once retained to represent you, we generally send notice to the appropriate court on the very same day to make sure that you are protected from a possible suspension.


At court, we will typically be provided a conference in which we will have the opportunity to use our skills to negotiate on your behalf. Plea bargains are very common in traffic cases and are generally welcomed so we can shield you from more serious and expensive exposures. However, not all traffic cases are appropriate for a plea bargain -- if you didn't do it, you didn't do it. As criminal defense attorneys we are fully equipped to go to battle on behalf of our clients if that is what your case requires.  In murder cases, the prosecutor must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  The same applies to traffic cases. The prosecutor has the burden of proving your guilt and we hold them to it, challenging them at every turn in the road (pun intended).  You have rights as a motorist, and we work hard to protect those rights.


If traffic cases are so common, why do I need to hire a lawyer? Well, good question. Important answer: First, the benefits generally outweigh the costs. For example, whether by trial or plea bargain, we work hard to shield you from the greater exposures including points on your license which could cause your insurance rates to rise (let alone the fines and surcharges). Second, most courts will allow us to file a "waiver and authorization" and appear for you (meaning, you will generally not have to take off work or arrange childcare to go to court). Many of our clients find this to be a great convenience. Feel welcome to call us for a FREE consultation and we can see how to assist you. We look forward to helping you!

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"Mr. Fried and his staff were impeccably professional and knowledgeable. They were patient and answered all of my questions, and I received prompt responses to all calls and emails. I also appreciate how well they explained the legal proceedings of my case to me. Thanks to their efforts, my case was resolved with a favorable outcome. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of service I've received and would absolutely recommend this firm."

—  Y. Chun


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